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Key Pages

Top page of this website.
Current page. Index of all pages of this website and the Graphic Tribe network table of contents.
Tattoo artist self-introduction, résumé and a summary portfolio.
Address, area map, phone and FAX numbers and e-mail.
  • Map (high-resolution, printer-friendly PNG image)

Studio Sections

Details about the studio system, including schedule-, appointments- and consultation meetings- , prices- and hygiene-related information.
  • Hours • working hours, information desk, days off
  • Appointments • info about tattooing session appointments
  • Consultation • info about consultation meeting appointments
  • Prices • pricing criteria and methods of payment
  • Hygiene • info about hygiene methods and sterilization techniques
  • House “Rules” • miscellaneous house “rules” and issues requiring your attention
Photo gallery collections index.
  • Portraits • photo-realistic, lifelike human faces
  • Biomechanics • machines and living beings combined in grotesque structures
  • Compositions • complex compositions containing various motifs
  • Dragons • Japanese and occidental dragons
  • Floræ & Faunæ • realistic, lifelike animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles and plants
  • Kitsch Art • religious and mythological motifs, avantgarde, surrealist and abstract designs
  • Tribals • tribal-like stylizations of floræ and faunæ, abstract tribal ornaments
  • Trigons [tribal dragons] • tribal-like stylizations of dragons
  • Tribal Rings • arm and wrist bands, anklets
  • Letterings • Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Devanāgarī, Sanskrit, Siddhaṃ, Bengali, Tibetan, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Greek, numerals and symbols
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about tattooing, prices, hygiene and other topics.
  • Lexicon • explaining some of the less known words used on this website


Schedule related announcements, site updates, critics, rants and everything else you’d expect to find on a weblog.
RSS feed
The news feed, containing the latest articles published on the weblog.
Graphic Tribe Tattoos • Studioul de Tatuaje al lui Dali
The Romanian version of the tattoo studio website.
グラフィックトライブタトゥーズ • ダリのタトゥースタジオ ホームページ
The Japanese version of the tattoo studio website.
The Japanese version of the weblog.
The Japanese version of the news feed.
Photo Archives
Older tattoo photos —taken approximately between and — including multicoloured tattoos, cover-ups and photos that never made it to the main gallery.
atelierul de tatuaj „Graphic Tribe Tattoos”, în Ebisu