Dali’s “Graphic Tribe Tattoos” tattoo studio, in Tōkyō


Graphic Tribe is Dali’s tattoo studio, located in Tokyo, Japan.

Black and Gray

Specialized in black and gray, fine-line, realistic designs, prolific in tattooing styles such as portraits, biomechanics, lifelike floræ and faunæ, compositions, dragons and kitsch art, but also having a vast experience in tribal and lettering tattoos.

Custom Designs

All tattoos are based on unique, original, custom designs, drawn from scratch for each and every client. Flash catalogs are never ever used or —to put it simply— we don’t need no stinkin’ flash!

This Website

Starting with detailed information about the studio system, contact details and an extensive FAQ section, and ending with a photo gallery containing more than one thousand two hundred or so tattoo pictures grouped in several collections, this website aims to provide all the information you need for a thorough research and decision regarding your first/next tattoo(s), as well as an enjoyable visit for those of you “just looking”.

For a complete table of contents, please refer to the site map.

System Info

Contact Info

Latest Additions to the Photo Galleries


For approximately 1734 more samples, have a look at the galleries


February 9, 2022

I’ve added 21 more pics to the galleries.

A few years old works, in the Biomechanics, Kitsch Art, Floræ & Faunæ, Lettering, Compositions and Trigons sections.

I got more coming up…

February 6, 2022

First batch of 20 pics have been uploaded to the galleries.

Older works, in the Portraits, Kitsch Art, Floræ & Faunæ and Lettering sections of the photo gallery.

More coming in the following couple of days…

January 20, 2022

I’m getting ready to bring all my websites —including Facebook and Instagram— up to date.

I’ve decided to shut down the old weblogs; they have become irrelevant and too tedious to maintain.