Dali —the tattoo artist, designer, webmeister and tribal chief of the Graphic Tribe— doesn’t really like talking about himself in the third person, so here’s the


I was born in in Bucureşti, the capital city of România and moved to Tokyo in . Been here ever since.

I’ve been drawing since I was 2–3 years old, I’ve been tattooing since 1993 (June, this year, 30 years) —first, at “Body Design ’69” in București, then at a co-owned shop in Shibuya and Meguro and, eventually, at my own studio in Nakameguro and Ebisu— and the first time I ever touched a computer (an ancient Macintosh box) was sometime in 2000.

I’m quasi-ambidextrous, I speak Română, English and 日本語 more or less fluently and, if there’s enough time to get to know me, I seem to be “a nice guy”. Sedentary to the core, but not completely broken :)





Other Activities




Web Design

Graphic Design

I’m already way past the “summary” implied by using “résumé” instead of “the story of my life”, so I’ll stop wasting your time here ;) Nevertheless, thanks a lot for reading so far and, if you do feel like knowing more, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. I do try to be the friendly dude they say I am :)

Dali’s “Graphic Tribe Tattoos” tattoo parlor, in Tōkyō